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Automotive knowledge micro and macro

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Since this is my first post here on my web site, ill give you a little introduction of who I am, my background, and what i'm trying to accomplish. As of this writing i'm a 40 year old husband and father of 2 boys. I have been involved in the automotive industry professionally for about 25 years, and as an enthusiast for pretty much my whole life. I started my professional career at 15 years young, when I learned how to install car audio and tint windows on cars. Shortly after, I decided I was going to make money in the automotive industry one way or another.

09 BMW m3 S65 engine, performed a valve job and sprigs replacement.

Between growing up in my teen years in Rochester NY, and later my adult years in the Tampa bay area. I have gained a lot of experience in the automotive industry. Early on I got into car audio and it never left me. From working at several local car stereo shops and one national chain in Sound Advice (Twitter Inc) and eventually briefly owning my own shop for a year. I always took pride in learning everything I possibly could. From reading books on electrical theory and ohms law to learning how to work with fiberglass to create beautiful enclosures. Just so when the questions and request came and also with my own installs, I knew I was doing everything right.

Audi 2.0 tsfi engine piston/rigs replacement job.

Right before going back to detailing professionally again with this business endeavor, I was a certified technician. For 12 years I went from being a lube tech at places like jiffy lube, to working at a performance shop installing suspensions and performing alignments on some pretty nice specialty vehicles and full blown race cars. My greatest achievement in this category of automotive, is my experience and certifications I still hold from Audi and from BMW. Both brands not only taught me a lot from a technical and engineering point of view, they also helped me on a personal level with helping me achieve a level of confidence that I struggled with my entire life. Basically if you can diagnose and fix a German car you can virtually fix anything. One of the things I took pride in while at both brands was never shying away from difficult electrical or drive-ability problems. Even though it general knowledge that you don't make any "money" with those I still got exited whenever I was handed a vehicle that I had to put some brain power into figuring out the proper repair.

Same as picture above, I think this was taking it apart or putting it back together. Definitely one of the two.

My work in the detailing business ranged from several dealerships to owning a mobile detailing business 15 years ago with a good fiend of mine, and now owning one once again. I have always been fascinated by detailing in the sense of taking something that is no longer up to par and making it beautiful again. With the different types of paint and different levels of damage that can be inflicted on the paint from the elements and the sun, paint correction and interior restoration sometimes can take the same amount of figuring out as a good electrical diagnostic job.

Performing a clutch and flywheel replacement on my own 06 mini Cooper S.

So one of the things about my personality is that I love gathering knowledge and figuring things out while in the process of finding solutions to problems. I feel I can be a great asset to the world by being able to provide it with this knowledge from a unique insider perspective not known to most people. So in the future I will be writing up blog post about a range of topics not just pertaining to the automotive industry as a whole, but also topics on maintenance, auto culture, or even how to tips, or just some things that randomly come to my head. If anybody reading this has any questions they always wondered about or wanted an answer to, or even has an automotive story or situation you wish you had clarification. Please send me an email or Dm me on Facebook or Instagram and I will try to answer in a timely fashion.

Thank you for the read and support.

Tony L.

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Abad Perez
Abad Perez
May 13, 2022

Looks like you guys do some heavy duty work.

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