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Welcome to Image Auto Works

Mobile Detailing and Restoration

Since 2018, Image Auto Works has provided quality services to clients by providing them with the professional and knowledgeable service they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our Automotive Mobile Detailing and restoration service.


About Image Auto Works

Over the years, I’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experience and passion, combined with love. I believe that without that combination, it's impossible to be able to provide the best service possible in this very competitive industry. 


The Love and passion for everything automotive is what sets me apart. I want to have the opportunity to provide my clientele the ability to bringing back the same love that they had for there automobile when they first laid eyes on it. 

I make sure every client and every service is treated with the attention to detail it deserves. From the assessment portion to the finished product, you will notice and appreciate the love for the craft that I display in every job. 

Professional Services

Polishing Car


Snow foam wash, Hand dry,

Clean outside windows w/ rain x glass cleaner with water repellent.

Clean wheels, Dress tires.

Clean and scrub all door jams & trunk jams.

Wipe and dress all vinyl and

plastic interior surface.

Clean all crevasses,

cup holders and center council,

Vacuum interior,

Clean inside windows,

Apply spray carnauba wax.

(two to four weeks of paint protection on average)

Packages start at $180

 and up.

Paint contamination removal

 After wash only or Mini detail package,

(Wash only consist of; 

Snow foam wash, Hand dry,

clean outside windows.

Clean wheels, Dress tires.)

Clay bar entire vehicle with medium or heavy clay bar depending on the severity of the paint. Process removes any contaminants including fall out, tar, bugs, tree sap and other contaminants embedded in the paint.

Packages start at $260

 and up.


Exterior Paint and blemish correction.

Process involves preparing surface by removing old wax and/or sealants, remove any scuff marks left by paint from contacting object. We also offer plastic bumper repair were applicable. Then compounding, polishing, glazing and/or applying sealant with dual action polisher. Length of time Is determined by size of vehicle and amount of correction needed to achieve desired outcomes.

Packages start at $300.

Interior Deep clean

Remove stains on carpets, seats, and headliner in the interior and trunk/ cargo area. Clean and condition leather (if equipped)

Packages start at $180.

Interior odor Removal.

Remove odors with ozone generator machine. Odors are removed on a molecular level leaving a clean and neutral smell to the environment. Proven to remove pet odors, cigarette and cigar smoke odor and other embedded odors in the fabrics of the vehicle. 

Packages start at $89.


Head lamp Restoration

Unfortunately this service is unavailable at this moment.

Apply Synthetic Paint sealant

Process involves once paint is corrected Synthetic pasted based sealant  is applied to entire vehicle with dual action polisher or by hand depending on application. Vehicle must not be washed for 24 hours to allow full cure of sealant.  Sealant provides a hydroponic and UVA and UVB  protective coating that protects against the elements and provides protection for up to 12 months.

Package's start at $180


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